"One of our biggest challenges at SOCO is reaching our prospective audience of customers. We're providing this super unique community-driven platform to help entrepreneurs, creators, and independent workers do the work they love in a community that supports them. We struggle regularly with the image that Columbia, SC is not a place where this type of creative business activity thrives. We disagree fundamentally with this and raising awareness for both our company and for our region's opportunities will help us make stronger connections with prospective customers, investors and strategic partners as we continue to grow."

Greg Hilton

Co-founder, SOCO

“As a young entrepreneur, being in the GrowCo community gave me the hope, encouragement, and guidance I needed to stay in Columbia after graduating UofSC and work to build something new. In part, because of GrowCo's efforts and the growth in the entrepreneurial community here, I made the decision to stay, dream, and build in Soda City.”

Sean Powers

Founder, The Front

“Growth companies need three things to fully realize their potential: access to capital, talent, and prospective customers. Groups like GrowCo can provide early stage companies like TerraStride recognition, access, and even recommendations to create relationships that relate to those three areas. We have a story to tell here in Columbia, SC. Telling that story well will make it easier for companies like TerraStride to gain traction and scale.”

Lanford Holloway

Founder, TerraStride, Inc



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