Data From Planned Grocery’s Sister Company Helps To Enhance Business

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GrowCo member Planned Grocery, the online database presenting users with a first-of-its-kind interactive map showing grocery stores in development across the country, is enhancing business by integrating a parallel database of residential development data from its new parent company.  This integration provides what its founders say is a powerful tool aligning future rooftops and future retail for developers, planners and retailers.

Starting today, Planned Grocery has the option for subscribers to include the planned multifamily and single-family data from BCI directly in the Planned Grocery platform.

The ability to visualize and summarize this data by radius, drive time and trade area will help Planned Grocery members to better understand the amount of planned residential for any area in the U.S., Beitz said.  Members will also be able to see residential changes over time, as projects start construction and mature to completion.

Members who would like more details on each residential project will have the option to link directly to BCI’s database to learn more, such as the project’s estimated value, developer, architect, general contractor, and a history of news and notes.

The new multifamily and single-family data, from the Build Central database, is available to subscribers of the service now. It comes weeks after Columbia, S.C.-based Planned Grocery was acquired by BCI Media, an Australian construction information company with U.S. headquarters in Chicago. BCI had acquired BuildCentral in 2019.

“Our core mission was always to provide something unusually helpful for our customers,” said David Beitz, who co-founded Planned Grocery eight years ago. “I’m pleased to say that we’re on track to exceed expectations on that front through our partnership with BCI. The technology we have developed for the grocery vertical paired with BCI’s capable leadership and reputation for data quality make this a natural fit. This opportunity to enhance our existing offerings—and to also pioneer something uniquely powerful in this space, has us all very excited.”

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