We are excited to announce the newest member of GrowCo is ValidIDe. This company is incredibly innovative and we know they will be a great addition to our community.

About ValidIDe

ValidIDe offers an innovative identity protection application that enables you to share only the information you need to verify without giving away too much vital personal information. Their name comes from the word validity and they work to ensure the validity of the personal information they protect. ValidIDe considers the major identity controllers to bethe GAAFTM (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and countless others). These organizations are huge organizations who we blindly entrust with our personal information—information that can be sold, stolen or monetized to their benefit, not ours.”

ValidIde Services

ValidIde offers identity protection services to ensure your identifiable information is kept private and not sold to bigger third-party companies to resell your information. Here’s a video about how it all works. 

Of Ages Services

Of Ages services work to verify age for places like restaurants, bars, subscriptions, and similar services. Using the pre-verified app, these businesses can verify the age of patrons without having to visually look at an id card. 

Personal Identity Information services 

Personal Identity Information services are offered to ensure you are only giving out the necessary information to the necessary people. It helps to avoid sharing personal details that could compromise your security. 

Services for Tickets & Passes 

These services allow the user to purchase and share their ticket and pass information easily to event personnel. This service works great for sporting events, concerts, entertainment events, and public and private gatherings. 

These are just a select few of their services. To see information about all of their services visit their website.

About ValidIde’s Recent Work

Covid Credentials

ValidIDeWhat has ValidIDe been up to recently? ValidIDe is working to adopt the Linux Foundation Public Health COVID Credentials Initiative to align digital efforts on paper-based Verifiable Credentials. In more plain terms, they are working on ways for those who are vaccinated to have a paper document to prove their Covid-19 vaccination status. They found a way to use a QR code on the vaccination record card for those who are vaccinated but do not use a smartphone or other electronic means can easily share their status.

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