Our local founders are moving mountains every day, and they deserve recognition! Check out some notable accomplishments from the Columbia entrepreneurial ecosystem this month:

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Jeff Spencer

Founder, Playfora

Spencer closed a $250k round this month! He also had a great session at Tech Beans, where he dove into his fundraising experience and the importance of building your network.


Jack Neil

Founder, Hank AI

Hank AI launched a new feature this month with the ability to extract information from purchase orders (PO) in the form of a pdf or image. The feature can also import extracted information into Concur Invoice, including all line items!


Brandon Gantt

Founder, SAPi

Over 1,000 food startups have signed up on the waitlist for SAPi, an app that acts as a community marketplace.



Tyler Temple

Founder, Closewise

Closewise has managed over $1.2 million in sales with the launch of their MVP without any marketing or sales. They’ve also managed over $600 million in real estate transactions!


Karl McCollester

Founder, GovPossible

GovPossible went live with its first permitting module customer this month!



Floyd Harper

Founder, CyCrypt 

This month, CyCrypt launched two core products and signed up their 12th client!



Erin Curtis

Co-Owner + COO, Motor Supply, Inc

From 2019 to date, Motor Supply has raised over 2 million dollars in investment capital. Within the next several weeks, they expect to close our $600,000 Friends & Family round of fundraising for our in-house software development project, LoadFlow.

Motor Supply’s gross revenue has grown by +400% from 2021-2023.