Leading an Inc 5000 Company: Grow Camp Interview with Lanford Holloway

Leading an Inc 5000 company

Lanford Holloway is the founder and CEO of TerraStride, one of the fastest-growing companies in America. TerraStride produces products for hunting/land management and large tract property sales. Their first app, HuntStand, is the world’s most widely-used hunting app with more than six million downloads and millions of active users. Their second app, TerraStride Pro, is […]

3 Rules for Your Business: Grow Camp with David Beitz

In this interview, David shares the story of how Planned Grocery started as a side project of parent company Beitz and Daigh Geographics. He goes over 3 rules for business, talks about why he wanted to build a product, and how it’s driven his company’s growth. He discusses the wide diversity of clients the company […]

A Post Shark Tank Entrepreneur Interview: Grow Camp with Laura Boccanfuso

In this entrepreneur interview, Laura talks about her Shark Tank pitch and shares what it was like to go film that episode. She opens up about how she deals with fear in high-stakes situations, and why you shouldn’t put people on a pedestal. She discusses the impact of COVID on her business, and why you […]