Cola Metro Talent Pipeline

There are so many awesome companies growing in the Midlands and so much amazing talent looking to get plugged in. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was one place where you could actually communicate outside of job boards?

Great news, now there is!

The Cola Metro Talent Pipeline is a place to share jobs, find jobs, learn from others, and build a real talent community.

Whether you are looking for a job, looking for new teammates, or just want to be a part of the conversation, this is the place for you!

Apply for access now and be part of the conversation.


~  Who can join?

This group is focused on supporting local tech companies and talent, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to the conversation.

  • Community members – People of all skill levels are welcome to join, learn, make friends, and get help in improving their technology skills.
  • Community organizers – Chat, share resources, and get support from other community-focused organizers in the Columbia area.
  • Companies – Support the community and share opportunities with Slack members.
  • Allies – We mean it when we say everyone is welcome. Learn how to be a better ally and support those looking to improve their skills.

~ Okay I just logged into the group, now what?

Great! We’re so happy to have you. Add info to your profile like where you work/study, or any pertinent info you feel comfortable sharing. Read more about the etiquette of the group. Join the channel #introductions and give us a one message introduction of yourself. Browse through the channels and find the ones that interest you! You are welcome to join ANY public channel and can join a private channel by invitation. Most importantly, have fun and do not hesitate to ask questions!

~ Can I create a channel?

Yep! Be sure to look through the channels to make sure something related to your topic does not already exist. If you are not sure, or would like guidance in creating it, feel free to reach out for assistance in the #help channel.

~ Can I post a job opportunity?

Yes. Any company or individual can post job opportunities. Be prepared to answer questions about your company. Also, be sure that your posting falls within the guidelines of the Slack group’s rules, guidelines, and code of conduct.

~ Can I post an event?

Absolutely. Anyone in any group can post events, but be prepared to answer questions regarding the event. Just make sure that your posting falls within the guidelines of the slack group’s rules, guidelines, and code of conduct.